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Edouard Rowlandson - Professionnal athlete, co-founder

He is our guide. Well known for his kindness, he has also a strong competitor mindset and is an excellent test subject. He is driven by the desire to help athletes of all levels through sport & green. His experience as a Professionnal athlete, French Volleyball and Beach-volleyball international, brings us a great knowledge of the sports world. As strong as Hercules and as hard-working as he is, he brings sport & green huge energy.

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Raphaël Girardin - Agronomist engineer, co-founder

As an entrepreneur, he is known for having created Matahi, a company that promotes African fair-trade products based on an emblematic ingredient: baobab.

He knows a lot of plants but has never smoked any. He has a passion for the quality of the ingredients and brings the necessary discipline to design the best products. He is both an idealist and a visionary who contributes to the innovation of sport & green.

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Pauline Bastide - Nutritionist specialised in sports nutrition

She is our nutrition and dietetics consultant, and is also a great source of good vibes. Always enthusiastic, she brings her expertise as well as her feedback on the support of athletes. She is a campaigner for a healthy mind in a healthy body.

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Laurent Marchand - Doctor in Pharmacy, Scientific Director

He is our scientific expert! He knows the composition of our products by heart. It is thanks to him that we gather every scientific study of each ingredient!

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Jordan Hu - Investment Banking Analyst, Financial Director

Our live calculator! Simply mastering numbers! As a good old financier he doesn't count his hours and the sleepless nights ... With him the whole team can sleep quitly!

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Jean-Baptiste Daguerre - Doctor in Pharmacy, Head of Sales

A former professional athlete alongside Edouard, JB has built his network in one of the biggest pharmaceutical groups: GSK. In addition to being an expert on pharma, his interpersonal skills open doors for us without breaking them down!

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Our mission: Provide a natural alternative to sports treatments, while preserving your health.

We believe that sport should be a source of well-being. Very often, pain can affect practice, performance and sensations.

With sport & green, we are committed to bringing well-being to all sportsmen and women by using natural ingredients scientifically recognised for their treatment actions and adapted recommendations. We believe that nature is our first pharmacy. 

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Our commitments


There is no such thing as a miracle product, each person is unique and each treatment has to be adapted accordingly. We are part of a global approach to understand and treat your problems by offering you one of the natural solutions. We believe that care and convalescence require a multitude of convergent actions supervised by health professionals.


Our products are tested and we try to test them first on ourselves, never on animals. We scientifically validate the effectiveness of the ingredients in the development of our preparations and formulas in order to have the best efficiency. We follow the recommendations and advice of our nutritionist and of our doctors, naturopaths to ensure that your health is preserved in the best possible way.


We work with French partners in the extraction and manufacture of our products. Our partner laboratories are recognised for their quality and precision. Rigorous control procedures are carried out at our partners' facilities on each product batch in accordance with the EN N° 1123/2009 regulation and EN ISO 22716 standard.

Analyses are carried out by an external laboratory. Our products have the Sport Protect label, an independent label certifying production compliance with the NF V94-001 anti-doping standard.


Stop the bullshit. We want to stop the idea of making "marketing" products that are often useless. We strive to be transparent and we don't want to offer products or advice that we wouldn't apply to ourselves.

We implement traceability and a quality process in order to offer the consumer greater security. We are careful to remain transparent to guarantee you peace of mind.

The story of an athlete

"As an athlete, I regularly took painkillers, but I had no choice, I had to play.

During my 15 years in high-level sport, like many athletes, I was regularly confronted with physical discomforts that unfortunately sometimes turned into an injury. During my volleyball career, I played for a long time managing pain (lumbago, herniated disc, tendonitis or muscular tension), which I found difficult to get rid of. Prescriptions of medicinal painkillers had become so frequent, that I no longer felt the effectiveness, and worse, It became a danger for my health. I therefore wished to reduce my pain medication considerably and looked for some 100% natural and risk-free solutions to complete the treatment of these pains. Not finding suitable solutions, I decided to create sport & green.

 The aim of sport & green is to respond to Athletes main problems naturally and while preserving their health. The answer to these various problems (inflammation, stress, sleep, joint pain, muscle tension, digestion, cramps, aches and pains and even immunity) is a set of solutions to be implemented (lifestyle hygiene, nutrition and medical support) that we wish to help you develop through sport & green".

Edouard Rowlandson Athlète de haut-niveau / Co-fondateur

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An alarming fact

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Abusive use of anti-inflammatory drugs by athletes

A reality in sport hardly mentioned...

"NO PAIN, NO GAIN", we have all heard this precept which is accepted and sometimes advocated by athletes. Whether it is pain caused by physical effort, injuries after a trauma or chronic pain, it is an integral part of a sportsperson's life. They can become recurrent and almost systematically lead to the prescribing of painkillers.

Relieving oneself with painkillers is a common problem for athletes that is all too often neglected.

According to a study published in the scientific journal Sport & Science, taking painkillers leads to abusive consumption which affects the health of many athletes. In fact, pain killers treat the symptoms but not the problem directly. On the other hand, they can cause intoxication or side effects. Often linked to self-medication, this is a worrying phenomenon for health that can lead to doping.

With sport & green, we want to break the idea that pain should be linked to overcoming one's limits. Pain should not be a habit. We have therefore developed an alternative to medicated pain killers by offering solutions to support you in your sporting activities.

Read our article on the misuse of painkillers in sport.

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