Our Team

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Edouard Rowlandson - Professionnal athlete, co-founder, CEO

He is our guide. Well known for his kindness, he also has a strong competitor mindset and is an excellent test subject. He is driven by the desire to help athletes of all levels through sport & green. His experience as a Professionnal athlete, French Volleyball and Beach-volleyball international, brings us a great knowledge of the sports world. As strong as Hercules and as hard-working as he is, he brings sport & green huge energy.

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Raphaël Girardin - Agronomist engineer, co-founder, COO

As an entrepreneur, he is known for having created Matahi, a company that promotes African fair-trade products based on an emblematic ingredient: baobab.

He knows a lot of plants but has never smoked any. He has a passion for the quality of the ingredients and brings the necessary discipline to design the best products. He is both an idealist and a visionary who contributes to the innovation of sport & green.

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Pauline Bastide - Nutritionist specialised in sports nutrition

She is our nutrition and dietetics consultant, and is also a great source of good vibes. Always enthusiastic, she brings her expertise as well as her feedback on the support of athletes. She is a campaigner for a healthy mind in a healthy body.

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Laurent Marchand - Doctor of Pharmacy, Scientific Director

He is our scientific expert! He knows the composition of our products by heart. It is thanks to him that we gather every scientific study of each ingredient!

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Jordan Hu - Investment Banking Analyst, Financial Director

Our live calculator! Simply mastering numbers! As a good old financier he doesn't count his hours and the sleepless nights ... With him the whole team can sleep quitly!

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Jean-Baptiste Daguerre - Doctor in pharmacy, Head of Sales

A former professional athlete alongside Edouard, JB has built his network in one of the biggest pharmaceutical groups: GSK. In addition to being an expert on pharma, his interpersonal skills open doors for us without breaking them down!

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